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January 6th, 2008
County agrees to increase library funding

From staff reports

Long a sticking point between San Marcos and Hays County leaders, the county has agreed to increase its share of funding for the San Marcos Public Library.

Hays County will pay the city $74,432 this fiscal year, a 20 percent increase over last year and the largest single increase since the county first started partially funding the San Marcos and four other libraries in the county.

“It started with a handshake agreement in the 70s,” said Stephanie Langenkamp, the library director.

The arrangement allows residents who live outside the city limits to check out books and other resources from the city library. But local leaders have argued for years that San Marcos residents subsidize the surrounding county for library services.

Langenkamp estimates that 30 percent of library cardholders do not live in the city. Even with the funding increase, the county’s contribution makes up only 6.4 percent of the library’s budget.

“This ongoing partnership allows county residents who live outside city who do not pay for bonding taxes that built this facility to have the same opportunity to use the library for what really is a nominal fee. The county is not subsidizing the city in any way,” Mayor Susan Narvaiz said.


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3 thoughts on “County agrees to increase library funding

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  2. The County has been subsidizing roads for the City of San Marcos for years. Yet, the City doesn’t seem to have a problem with this. They were more than happy to have all the citizens of Hays County subsidize the Loop around San Marcos. And there have been other roads constructed by the County in and around San Marcos as well.

    Doesn’t the City of San Marcos benefit economically by virtue of being the county seat?

    Why would the City protest over providing educational materials that produce a more literate society for all of Hays County? As the center of education for Hays County, I would think they would be proud.

    Perhaps in the future, the citizens of Hays County needs to begin keeping a more careful audit of the services provided specifically to the City of San Marcos by ALL of the taxpayers of the County.

    No one likes a whiner.

    Lila Knight

  3. You know why doesnt the county subsidize 30% of the library budget if that is how many ppl outside of San Marcos are using it, sounds fair to me.

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