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One thought on “QUOTE OF THE DAY

  1. The headline is inflammatory, but the article is quite factual. I don’t understand the disconnect and hope Newstreamz is headed for the high road, not the low road. Prompting conflict is not productive. I believe the use of one commercial dumpster contractor would be very beneficial since the bad placement, lack of graffitti control on dumpsters, rusty and crummy looking dumpsters, and so many trucks cruising the alleys and street is bad for the community and the streets. Graffitti spreads to walls of businesses, houses, fences and damages property values if left on the dumpsters for years, as it is if citizens do not raise cain or paint it out themselves. I’m tired of carrying so many colors of spray paint in my car to deal with so many different colors of dumpsters. TDS runs a tight ship, gives good service to residences, gives back to the community in many ways, and has an environmentally sound landfill San Marcos can be proud to use. The businesses who do not like the idea of one contractor for their dumpsters are prompted by the companies in danger of losing the dumpster contracts, and so they are NOT getting the full story from those who push them to complain. Their costs are very likely to go down with one carrier. We need the facts on all this, and your article makes that point. Thank you for that. I would HOPE that local businesses would want the community to look better and cleaner so that we would be attractive for new business and residents. It is time to look at this, and I appreciate Council looking at this. Dianne Wassenich

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