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The Hays County Narcotics Task Force has arrested a 26-year old man for felony possession of marijuana after discovering 281 marijuana plants growing in the upstairs of his home and three pounds of harvested high grade marijuana.

Gilbert VanZandt V, age 26, is jailed at the Hays County Law Enforcement Center under $100,000 bond after his arrest Thursday culminating a two month investigation.


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The task force served a search warrant at 104 Redbud Trail Thursday and discovered that the entire upstairs of the three bedroom home had been converted to a sophisticated marijuana growing operation, said Sgt. Chase Stapp of the San Marcos Police Department and a member of the Narcotics Task Force.
Investigators seized 281 marijuana plants in various stages of growth along with approximately three pounds of high quality harvested marijuana.

Detectives estimate the street value of the cultivated marijuana at approximately $30,000. The value of the growing marijuana has yet to be determined.

VanZandt was arrested for possession of marijuana of less than 50 pounds but more than 5 pounds, a third degree felony. Additional charges may be filed against VanZandt in the future pending the outcome of the continuing investigation.

The investigation began two months ago after task force officials received anonymous complaints about VanZandt’s illegal drug related activities.

— From a city of San Marcos press release.

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0 thoughts on “Pot growing operation leads to arrest

  1. $30,000 for three pounds of Cannabis. The person who wrote this article is largely mistaken. That means he would have gotten $10,000 dollars a pound or $625 an ounce. That isn’t right, I don’t care what kind of weed it is. Three pounds of high grade marijuana at most probably brings in about $12,000 dollars, not much more. I can’t believe there is so many people reporting things that they obviously don’t know about.

  2. The ‘street value’ of marijuana seizures often seems inflated to me. The posting is a city of San Marcos press release. It was posted under the city spokesperson’s name but did not originally include the tag identifying it as a press release. I added it.

  3. i think people need to stay out of other people’s bisness just leav the people alone that may be the only good thang there good at and might be the only way they can pay the rent or get food on the table you need to see why they do it befor you bust them give them achance. why band it when all your doing is giving it back.

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