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November 15th, 2007
Prather statement recount

Uncanvassed results after this morning’s manual recount.

Bose — 1,306

Prather — 1,303

Statement from Jude Prather

I want to congratulate Mr. Bose on his re-election. I said when I started running that I want to be a bridge between the university and the community, between the east and west sides of town, between businesses and neighborhoods. A state district court lawsuit challenging the election results would further divide the town and I won’t do that.

At the same time, we must make sure now that every registered voter is allowed to vote in future elections. We will continue to collect affidavits from citizens who were denied their right to vote for a variety of questionable reasons and provide these to the media within the next two weeks. It is important to me that we demonstrate there were irregularities in this election that must not happen again.

I hope Mr. Bose will show that he is willing to reach out to those citizens, especially younger residents and minorities, who feel disenfranchised from our city’s governments. Next week, I will be proposing that a polling location be set up on campus for the entire duration of early voting in future city elections as a step toward making sure every citizen gets a vote and every vote counts.

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